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Changing Lives. One Student at a Time.

At Angels Fund Edu, our mission is about transforming the lives of students in significant financial need by providing scholarships for short-term vocational training in healthcare, business and skilled trades.


Angels Fund Edu is an independent non-profit organization governed by a Board of Directors. Our focus is on assisting low income students who wish to pursue career and vocational training within the IEC network of schools. We accomplish this by providing financial support directly to students through scholarships, and a full range of activities to raise funds so that we can broaden our impact.

IEC Network of schools consists of UEI College, United Education Institute, Florida Career College, and US Colleges. Since 1982, International Education Corporation (IEC) has been a national leader in postsecondary career education, offering short-term career training programs in high-demand verticals such as healthcare, skilled trades, business, technology, and criminal justice. Our singular focus is on providing quality career training programs so that people can find a good job in their chosen career path. We operate with a vigilant concentration on five strategies and drivers for success: growth, quality, regulatory compliance, one standard of excellence, and financial effectiveness. 


Our vision is to ensure that access to postsecondary education is available to everyone with the potential to succeed, regardless of their ability to pay. We want students to realize their dreams of economic opportunity through training and education.

To those who share its vision, Angels Fund Edu offers opportunities to participate in its realization through financial support and volunteerism.


Our values are embodied in the mantra of IMPACT.

I = Inclusion

We are committed to include and engage diversity.


M = Moral

We pride ourselves for being highly ethical organization.

P = Passion

We bring our enthusiasm, creativity, and positive attitude to work each day.

A = Accountability

We work with integrity and embrace the highest standards.

C = Communication

We are responsive, transparent and respectful in our communication.

T = Transparency

We collaborate across all campuses to ensure students in-need of our scholarship are informed and assisted.

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